The hills and valleys Pagnol came to know as a boy are just east of Marseille. There are paths throughout this area today offering the visitor pleasant walks with some great vistas.

Interwoven into daily life in the south of France, you will note a number of recurring themes: prevalent is talk of either the presence of or the anticipated arrival of the mistral, the wind that races down the Rhone Valley and creates clear blue skies after disrupting life with its gales; two other things, among many, that stand out: it is never too early for a glass of rosé, and the affection for writers that are true to their Provençal roots.

It is Marcel Pagnol who is perhaps better known and more widely acclaimed than other authors and playwrights who touted the virtues of the region before his time. I presented this paper – an introduction to Marcel Pagnol – to the Indianapolis Literary Club in February 2017.

Marcel Pagnol – author, filmmaker, playwrite