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La Camargue

The Parc Orinthologique de Gau is bird sanctuary located in 148 acres of marshland in the Camargue. The southern tip of France where the Rhone river flows into the Mediterranean is a unique region, famous as a home to wild horses and bulls roaming among the reeds. In the course of our two hour walk along the paths of this reserve we were treated to hundreds of pink flamingos.
We took dozens of photos along the several large ponds which covered much of the park. There were well developed paths and bridges to navigate the terrain. We found the several look-out towers to be great vantage points from which to survey the marsh.
One of the several towers offering a view over the marshes.
Shaded and well-kept paths cut through the park.
Here a bridge crosses one of the ponds in the sanctuary





Learn more on the website about the Parc Ornithologique










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